Across Systems Presents Solution for Translation-Oriented Authoring

Apr 25, 2008

Across Systems, a provider of linguistic supply chain technology, announced the new version 4.0 SP1 of Language Server, which contains various extensions in addition to authoring, such as FrameMaker 8 and SGML support, context matching, and improvements for web-based translations via crossWeb. crossAuthor is an option for Across Language Server that supports users in the field of "translation-oriented authoring," making it possible to compose original texts in such a way that subsequent translations can be produced later on. The tool re-uses existing language resources. While the author writes the source text, the system displays wording and text proposals that are stored in the Across translation memory and terminology system, helping the author to choose those that are most appropriate. Alternatively, crossAuthor can be used to review a text that has already been written.