Acquia Commerce Manager Unlocks Digital Storefronts for Magento Commerce

Mar 22, 2018

Acquia released Acquia Commerce Manager, a product that readily integrates commerce with the Acquia Platform and Drupal web content management, providing experience, content creation, layout, multimedia, and display tools. Acquia Commerce Manager launches today for Magento Commerce. Extending beyond suggestions, ratings, and reviews, Commerce Manager makes it easy to map in-depth content and offers around products to influence purchase decisions and build brand trust. Marketing and commerce teams are empowered to create elegant, on-brand and unified digital storefronts in a fraction of the time previously possible.

Today’s commerce teams are pressed to deliver alluring, personalized digital commerce experiences. Brands need to inspire people with possibilities and constantly deliver a fresh look. The combination of Acquia and Magento Commerce optimizes the management of product information and transactions, and offers greater capabilities for digital experience management that commerce leaders need and consumers want.

Commerce Manager tightly integrates the Acquia Platform’s solutions for digital marketers and web content management with innovative cloud commerce solutions from Magento. Marketing teams can collaborate with commerce owners to deliver digital storefronts that make an impact. Transactional data, cart and order management, and product information are imported directly from Magento into Acquia Commerce Manager.

Acquia Commerce Manager powers an integrated, digital experience platform solution to help marketing, brand and commerce work as one, including:

  • A fully managed, PCI-DSS compliantcloud with SLAs and embedded security
  • Provides a headless commerce solution to customize product display, promotions, cart checkout flow, and more
  • Performance that scales to support large product catalogs, traffic spikes, and transaction volume
  • Acquia Lightning, the Drupal 8 starter kit that accelerates development, configured for commerce applications
  • Omnichannel content delivery capabilities – from web to mobile to digital signage and beyond – without I.T. involvement
  • APIs and cloud hooks to integrate with your entire marketing and commerce technology stack
  • Developer tools and a continuous delivery service to automate processes for code building and testing