Achieve Internet Releases Enterprise Tools for Drupal Media Module

Dec 15, 2011


Achieve Internet, Inc., an enterprise Drupal developer, released new modules Apache Solr Media, Views Media Browser, Media Update, and Media Translation, all designed to enhance Drupal 7's Media Module. The modules are intended to surpass the media limitations of Drupal's basic Media Module, used by more than 26,000 websites, for web platforms that implement large amounts of media.

Apache Solr Media enables website visitors to access various types of media files over multiple languages using a simple site search. Views Media Browser manages high volumes of media using fields such as title, description, and taxonomies, and allows sophisticated search by combining fields. Media Update expedites the process of replacing existing media files in various locations on a website. Media Translation provides tools to help multi-language sites that use different media files for each language.

Each of the four new modules is available for free download at