AccuWeather Announces the Integration of User-Generated Content in StoryTeller

Apr 16, 2015

AccuWeather, Inc., a provider of weather information and digital media, announces the complete integration of user-generated content (UGC) in StoryTeller, revealed at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show.

StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen Solution by AccuWeather is an interactive solution for the entire news presentation with new application content and enhancements specifically developed to resonate with TV viewers' new digital media behaviors and expectations. With the integrated UGC capabilities of StoryTeller, newsrooms can instantly bring viewers' digital media content into their broadcast.

StoryTeller's Social Media application now provides local search capabilities to quickly report the local social media pulse on trending topics across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. Enhanced search capabilities save time, honing in on topics of interest through new multiple hashtag, keyword, and location search functionality, screening, and aggregating user content. Broadcasters also easily integrate social media videos, photos, and audio from any workstation to bring each story to life.