Accordent Technologies and thePlatform Announce Integrated Solution

Apr 27, 2004

Accordent Technologies and thePlatform for media, inc. have announced that Accordent's PresenterPRO products and thePlatform media publishing system will be offered as an integrated solution for enterprise content authoring, management, and publishing. Accordent is a provider of enterprise desktop software for rich media presentation authoring. thePlatform is used by companies to manage rich media, from video to Accordent's PresenterPRO presentations.

PresenterPRO will now include the option to configure publishing both to thePlatform's hosted software service (ASP), and to an internal installation of thePlatform media publishing system. Once in thePlatform, video can be migrated between servers without republishing the presentation and each presentation can have its own end-user usage and security settings. Using thePlatform's turnkey portal infrastructure users can also create media portals, or filtered channels, combinations of presentations, videos, and other digital media formats. Access to these portals can be controlled through thePlatform's end-user management system or pay-per-view and subscription commerce features, or an external LDAP server. Windows Media format video can also be encrypted using thePlatform's integration of Microsoft's digital rights management (DRM) technology. thePlatform's full reporting capabilities are available on PresenterPRO presentations, including tracking of who watched what, when, and from where. thePlatform also allows media managers to view data on how long video took to load, and statistics regarding the quality of the video playback experience each user received.

Pre-release versions of the integrated version of PresenterPRO are available now on a limited basis, with general availability in May of 2004. Purchasers of PresenterPRO will be eligible for a free trial of thePlatform media publishing system and special pricing for the hosted software service.

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