Access Innovations to License Knowledge Domain Taxonomies

Sep 16, 2003

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Access Innovations, Inc., a provider of customized database creation and information handling tools and technologies, has released for license over 30 topical taxonomies that include knowledge domains from agriculture to technology. In an effort to make search more relevant and useful, Access Innovations is making their vertically focused, subject based vocabularies available for purchase and/or license for the first time. The collection includes taxonomies and training sets for defense, business, finance, education, medicine, computers, news, sports and geographic, personal, and company names. Each Knowledge Domain includes a thesaurus / taxonomy, an accompanying rule base, and a training sub-set. This allows automatic filtering of data and/or assisted meta tagging for topical access to data. Domain taxonomies are available for a one time charge. Update options are available. They may be augmented for internal use, but may not be resold without prior arrangement.