Access Innovations Receives Patent for MAI Lib

Oct 19, 2004

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Access Innovations has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its recently developed MAI Lib software system, which is designed to automate the process of adding Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to documents stored in electronic databases and archives.

Machine-aided indexing automates the indexing and categorization of text in documents housed in electronic databases. Access Innovations' Machine Aided Indexer, or M.A.I., part of the Data Harmony line of software, extracts words or phrases from text on the basis of programmatic rules, such as algorithms of the "if . then" variety. The rules are automatically generated through the software and can be expanded and fine-tuned by an editor working in a corporate library or at a research center, as examples. MAI Lib incorporates the entire set of Library of Congress subject headings, along with tools to combine headings following standards set in Marc 21 and the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Second Edition, followed by technical services librarians in the US and similar systems used abroad.

MAI Lib and the new MAI Chem, a chemical name finder, are specialized applications of Access Innovations' M.A.I. system, part of the Data Harmony software suite. Underlying M.A.I. are three modules--Rule Builder, Concept Extractor, and Statistics Package--which spot concepts in text, provide the basis for developing rules to interpret words in text, and generate reports on term accuracy. M.A.I. works with Data Harmony's Thesaurus Master for creating and managing thesauri and taxonomies, and with the XML Intranet System (XIS) for text and content production and management.