Access Innovations, Inc. Adds Author Submit Extension Module to Data Harmony

May 12, 2014

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Access Innovations, Inc. announced the Author Submit extension module as part of the Data Harmony Version 3.9 release. Author Submit is an application for integration of author-selected subject metadata information into a publishing workflow during the submissions or upload process. It also facilitates the addition of taxonomy terms by the author.

With Author Submit, each author provides subject metadata from the publisher's taxonomy to accompany their submission. During the submission process, Data Harmony's M.A.I. core application suggests subject terms based on a controlled vocabulary, and the author chooses appropriate terms to describe the content of their document.

Author Submit can be implemented in several ways: as a tool for assisting authors to self-select appropriate metadata; as an editorial interface between a semantically-enriched controlled vocabulary and potential submissions to the literature corpus; or in editorial review of subject indexing at the point of submission.