Accelerators Launched for Rapid Execution and Faster Time to Market

Jul 16, 2019

inRiver, the leading SaaS product information management (PIM) company, announced its inRiver PIM Accelerators offering. The partner-driven program allows customers to deploy industry-specific PIM solutions to drive rapid results for immediate business impact.  

The inRiver PIM Accelerators program is delivered exclusively through inRiver’s global partner network. Customers who select industry-focused solutions from the accelerator program will experience the benefits of PIM as quickly as possible through a streamlined and proven methodology. This process enables customers to add more features and functionality when they need to scale their business, saving resources, and reducing time to value. 

Accelerator Program Verticals include: 

  • Construction and do-it-yourself (DIY) - Using a PIM system to communicate with industry databases significantly enhances product information quality, speeding up time-to-market and increases productivity within an organization. inRiver connects with product databases to reduce manual administration work and enable automatic population of standard data and digital assets.  
  • Food and beverage - With all product information in one place with built-in GS1 quality assurance, less resources are required for costly and time-consuming administration, allowing food and beverage companies to focus on developing their brands.  
  • Retail - The syndication and omnichannel needs for many retail products require accurate and consistent product information across the board; with inRiver PIM Accelerators, retail companies can get their PIM system up and running within 90 days, allowing them to turn a profit faster. 

The new program has been piloted by 10 select partners across the US and Europe. Accelerators have already been successfully implemented by partners for over 25 customers around the globe.  

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