Absio Launches Dispatch Secure Email Application

Apr 07, 2015

Absio Corporation (Absio), a cybersecurity and data control software development company, announced the release of a secure email application called Absio Dispatch. Absio Dispatch is an easy-to-use application, or plug-in to Microsoft Outlook, that automatically encrypts every email message and attachment, and maintains that encryption everywhere without changing the way people use email.

Absio Dispatch makes it easier to protect sensitive email communications by automatically encrypting every message and attachment on the sender's device, in transit, in the cloud, and on the recipient's device. In addition, the sender can determine what recipients can do with each message and related attachments, including allowing or preventing saving, printing, copying/pasting, forwarding and replying to all recipients. The sender can also set a date and time when an email will expire (can no longer be accessed by recipients), and recall previously sent messages if the sender no longer wants the recipients to have access to the content, or when a message is sent by mistake.

Absio does not have any centralized access to passwords, encryption keys, or metadata related to its users' email communications. Each message and attachment is individually encrypted with a different key on the user's device before it is sent over an internet connection to the Absio servers. Absio does not have access to its customers' encryption keys, and does not have an alternate decryption key.