Abacus e-Media Enhances Webvision

Feb 27, 2004

Abacus e-Media has announced enhancements to its flagship content management software product, Webvision, that are designed to demonstrate the benefits of a single editorial workflow for print and electronic products. In an effort to facilitate the integrated system for Wilmington and Metal Bulletin's print and electronic products, Abacus has redeveloped Webvision's text editor to include functions such as interaction-support with Word and spell check.

Enhancing Webvision's searching, queue definition, workflow, and its range of story management functions has resulted in improved subbing, editing, and publishing processes. Webvision also now allows editors to select and export stories, sections or issues without any prior experience of the system. Furthermore, Abacus has integrated Roundtrip, an XML product developed by Easypress. This addition to Webvision now enables an XML-to-Quark and a Quark-to-XML function.

Wilmington and Metal Bulletin both had previously implemented Webvision's content management software to drive their electronic publishing, but have now adopted the new enhancements. Wilmington has chosen to use the new system to support its five 'Power' titles, but it remains to be seen whether, after this first implementation, Wilmington will extend the system to cover its healthcare, cranes, laundry, or dairy titles. Metal Bulletin has also chosen a limited implementation; although all its Metals and Minerals titles will henceforth be produced using the enhanced Webvision, the implementation has currently been limited to the export to XML element only. Full implementation will depend on whether a single editorial workflow for both their print and their electronic products generates efficiency in print production.