AXS-One Announces Agreement with Sun Microsystems

Jan 21, 2005

AXS-One Inc., a provider of records compliance management software solutions, has announced a technology development and license agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Sun will license the AXS-One Compliance Platform and integrate it as a key component of the Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution, a customer-ready system built around Sun's portfolio of storage and compliance products, its client solutions organization, and the Solaris Operating System. The AXS-One Compliance Platform, an integrated product designed to securely capture, index, archive, search, supervise, and manage the retention and disposition on all electronic records, including email and Instant Messages, has been optimized for and integrated with the Sun environment.

AXS-One and Sun recently completed a full-scale joint testing project to verify the scalability of the Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution, as well as to establish implementation and best practices recommendations for customers. The Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution is an integrated hardware, software, and services solution that features multiple options to architect the most appropriate storage infrastructure based on each customer's unique compliance requirements. It includes the Sun StorEdge Compliance Archiving System for non-rewritable "WORM" disk capabilities and advanced security, and the Sun Content Infrastructure System powered by Sun StorEdge SAM-FS software for automated tiered archiving. The solution also leverages the expertise of Sun's Content and Compliance Client Solutions Practice.

The new solution, with the AXS-One Compliance Platform, will replace Sun's current email archiving solution, Infinite Mailbox. The two companies are collaborating on developing additional features in an effort to ensure that the new offering provides existing and future customers with a single, scalable framework that can archive and manage all electronic records, including email, while addressing storage, compliance, and content management challenges.