AUDIENCEX Announces $5,000,000 Marketing Amplification Fund

Oct 18, 2018

AUDIENCEX, a provider of end-to-end digital marketing solutions, announced the launch of its Marketing Amplification Fund, a $5,000,000 fund it has established to empower qualified mid-market advertisers and accelerate innovation during the fourth quarter of 2018.

During the campaign, select advertisers are invited to transform their digital campaigns by exploring enterprise-class marketing capabilities. Specifically, the Marketing Amplification Fund is accelerating discovery and growth by providing up to $50,000 in free media match and services to each participant.

The fund aims to address two of the top issues hindering marketer adoption of new technology: lack of familiarity and a lack of funding for untested initiatives. According to a recent study conducted by Warc, 45% of marketers are held back by a lack of understanding of available technology, and 42% are hindered by budget constraints.

Since its inception, AUDIENCEX has devoted its operations to supporting the needs of those time and resource constrained mid-market advertisers, serving as a strategic omnichannel media partner for brands and agencies across North America. This focus is rooted in a company philosophy of marketer empowerment and martech democratization.