AP Launches Hosted Online Olympics Service

Jul 23, 2004

The Associated Press has announced the launch of a hosted online news service providing preview and in-event coverage of the 2004 Olympic Games. The service, AP Olympics Online, is a turnkey, plug-in solution for Web sites of newspapers, broadcasters, and other online subscribers. AP Olympics Online presents news, photos, schedules, results tables, and multimedia content such as interactive features and photo galleries on a fully hosted platform. The AP Olympics Online service delivers pre-event coverage from the AP's on-site team now in Athens. This includes preview stories and multimedia packages on topics such as facilities, security and qualifying rounds. Additional preview features will be added through the start of the games. Once the games begin, AP Olympics Online will provide event coverage including news and headlines linking to multimedia elements around a story, such as photos of competition, features, and audio reports before and after events. The service will also offer access to results tables for all events. AP Olympics Online, like other AP hosted services, can be customized to match the look and feel of each subscribing site. The AP maintains and updates all content, while subscribers control advertising inventory.