AOL Expands Premium Ad Formats to MSN and Mobile Apps

Mar 01, 2016

Renewed discussions about interruptive advertising and its residual effects (e.g. ad blocking) have elevated the need for the industry to rethink the relationship between ads and content. AOL's focus has been to develop more premium advertising experiences and invest across a number of teams and technologies to deliver more beautiful, engaging, and relevant advertising experiences, while lessening the load of ads on pages and streamlining the back-end technologies that enable these experiences.

Since 2010 AOL has expanded its premium solutions across mobile and video, and helped infuse programmatic into the creative process (through the launch of ONE by AOL: Creative). Now the company is taking another step in advancing the growth of premium advertising, and has announced the expansion of AOL's premium formats on, as well as greatly scaling programmatic access of premium formats to tens of thousands of mobile applications.

AOL says this development brings a number of new mobile-centric opportunities to advertisers who want to engage with audiences on a much deeper level with more data-driven, interactive formats. As part of an open ecosystem, AOL believes that continuing to partner and integrating with first- and third-party solutions helps to simplify the process for advertisers and gives them new ways to think about how to engage with audiences.