AOL Announces Plans for 15 New Original Web Shows

Oct 06, 2011

Yesterday, our sister site,, reported on AOL's plans to produce 15 new web TV shows. The announcement came at the Advertising Week event in Manhattan from Ran Harnevo, senior vice president of AOL Video. The article on includes a video interview with Harnevo.

According to Harnevo, AOL has decided to "double down" on unique, original programming. "We're about to produce 15 shows. We call it the premium lineup." AOL will collaborate with Jennifer Lopez and her production company on at least one of the projects. AOL will be producing shows for a number of audiences, including programming for young adults, five shows for women, and four shows for men.

AOL, Inc. currently sits at seventh in comScore's rankings of the Top 10 U.S. Online Video Content Properties, ranked by unique viewers. The latest list of Top Ten Online Video Properties (August 2011) looks like this:

  1. Google Sites (includes YouTube): 162 million unique viewers
  2. VEVO: 62.3 million unique viewers
  3. 51.7 million unique viewers
  4. Viacom Digital: 49.9 million unique viewers
  5. Microsoft sites: 46.4 million unique viewers
  6. Yahoo! sites: 45.4 million unique viewers
  7. AOL, Inc. 40.6 million unique viewers
  8. Turner Digital: 33 million unique viewers
  9. Hulu: 26.4 million unique viewers
  10. NBC Universal: 24.9 million unique viewers

For some additional information on the future plans of AOL Video, and some insight into their strategies, you can watch this video from Harnevo's keynote speech in May at Streaming Media East. You can also watch our sit-down, "red carpet interview" with Ran Harnevo at