ALLTEL Chooses SmartServ for Financial Services Application in Its Commercial

Dec 10, 2002

SmartServ Online, Inc. has announced that Wireless is now available to ALLTEL customers who have BREW-enabled phones. ALLTEL will offer its digital wireless customers with BREW-enabled phones the ability to preview and subscribe to the Wireless, powered by the SmartServ application through the "BREW Shop" option on their mobile phones. Wireless is initially available for download on the Toshiba CDM9500 handset. QUALCOMM's Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) platform is a native application environment that allows software to be downloaded over the air to the customer's phone where the application resides.  The BREW platform enables developers to take advantage of features and functionality such as color-rich graphics, animation, streaming video, and audio integration, and brings consumers an experience that more closely resembles that of the traditional desktop Web experience on their phone. Wireless users can access financial market data, including stock quotes, indexes, news headlines and full stories.  Additional features include a symbol search tool and a customizable watch list feature that allows subscribers to track a portfolio of up to 10 stocks directly from their mobile handsets.

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