AIIM Announces Enterprise Content Management Standards Activity

Apr 15, 2005

AIIM, the enterprise content management standards developer, has announced a new activity to develop a service oriented architecture (SOA) framework for Interoperable Enterprise Content Management (iECM). The project currently referred to as iECM, through the development of standards intends to address the growing need for a common integration layer between different enterprise content management related systems and multiple business applications. As organizations increasingly integrate content into business processes there is a need for a common set of standards for accessing, exchanging, managing, and integrating structured and unstructured content.

The concept includes a suite of Web services that provide a common set of interfaces by which ECM solutions and Enterprise Applications can interoperate and manage content and content rich processes within a secure environment. These services will provide a standardized approach for content centric processes that span organizations utilizing a service oriented architecture. The committee will take into consideration efforts defined by OASIS, the JAVA Community, and others as it drafts an international standard. This standards development effort is intended to provide end-user organizations, vendors, and integrators with guidance around how to architect their content-centric applications and business processes. It is also expected to provide vendors with direction on how to evolve their technologies to deliver the interoperable services required in meeting their customers' requirements.

This committee formed by AIIM will identify issues to be addressed, as well as proposed solutions, and will develop a draft document that will then be presented to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for development and approval as an International Standard.