AGiLiENCE Launches XML Search Engine for Mobile Devices

Nov 19, 2002

AGiLiENCE has launched a high-speed XML search engine that is designed to let users search for files using XML on their own PC. Once the search engine has been installed and the contents indexed, users can locate text documents and presentations on their own PC or network drives. The centrepiece of the search engine is XPEERION, the native XML database and processor technology of AGiLiENCE, which allows XML contents to be stored and processed directly in XML (eXtended Markup Language). It combines the functions of full-text search engines with those of the XML Xpath search standard. With its small footprint--the XPEERION kernel requires less than 200 KB --XPEERION is intended for desktops and especially for use in mobile devices, such as notebooks, mobile phones, and personal digital assistants. Talks are underway with providers of mobile devices and applications for the licensing of AGiLiENCE XPEERION technology.