AGAMBS Releases Partitioner 1.1

Nov 01, 2005

AGAMBS has announced the release of AGAMBS Partitioner 1.1 for Oracle. AGAMBS Partitioner 1.1 for Oracle is a packaged script, which improves performance of large EMC Documentum Repositories running on Oracle 9i. AGAMBS Partitioner 1.1 for Oracle keeps systems up and running and fully accessible to users during the partitioning work which is safely executed using the latest fully supported Oracle redefinition packages.

The benefits of using AGAMBS Partitioner, include: major performance improvement on large repositories; transparency to the Documentum Repository; no loss of service; fully tested and supported code; rollback code generated automatically; its ability to be phased (i.e. one table at a time); access to AGAMBS consultancy should this be required; a repeatable solution; built upon standard Oracle Packages; and minimal to no downtime, sometimes required for presentation of disks to Oracle.