ADS Introduces Next-Generation Digital Asset Management

Apr 14, 2011


Advanced Digital Services (ADS) announced ADS-Xpress, a digital asset management system that makes movie scenes, TV clips, previews, trailers, ads, stock video and other media assets immediately accessible via a web interface. The content is also quickly searchable to a selectable video segment, as well as downloadable to popular mobile devices. ADS-Xpress helps over the limitations of videotape by making media assets transferable over secure public and private networks, instantly searchable, and immediately accessible by a mobile workforce.

ADS's search is built around its metadata model, which lets users eliminate manual end-to-end searches through lengthy video content by using key words or phrases to locate the content of their choice. Users can search movies, clips, trailers, ads, or other videos on their customized ADS-Xpress portal, quickly locate and view the content they need, and save that content in its own file. ADS-Xpress also enables generation of custom content for specific classes of users and individuals.