A Look at the Spending Habits of Facebook and Pinterest Users

May 09, 2012

Boticca.com, an online jewelry and accessories store, took a sample from 50,000 referrals from Facebook and Pinterest, and found that Pinterest users spent more money, according to GigOm.  According to Boticca Pinterest users spent $180 per user as opposed to $85 per Facebook user. 

The tracking also found out that while Pinterest users spent more money, Facebook users will spend more time browsing the various items and tend to be more engaged in the online community.

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A new survey from SteelHouse shows that Pinterest users are nearly twice as likely to make purchases from items they have seen posted on the site as compared to Facebook users who see an item in their news feed. According to the survey, 33% of Facebook users said they purchased a product or service seen on Facebook, as compared to 59% of Pinterest users.