4G Development Will Create Jobs and Boost GDP, Says Deloitte Report

Aug 23, 2011

According to a Deloitte report, wireless telecom companies in the U.S. may invest from $25 billion to $53 billion in supporting and creating 4G wireless networks between 2012 and 2016. The investment would create 371,000 to 771,000 jobs and increase gross domestic product (GDP) by $73 billion to $151 billion. The August 2011 report, titled "The Impact of 4G Technology on Commercial Interactions, Economic Growth, and U.S. Competitiveness," states that it is possible for the U.S. to maintain its global leadership role in mobile innovation.

The figures in the report will fluctuate based on the pace and focus with which U.S. carriers investigate, develop, and deploy 4G networks. By leveraging cloud computing technology, developers will be able to more rapidly analyze the market's response to new applications. The U.S. will remain a highly competitive player among the more than 150 carriers in 60 countries that are currently committed to 4G deployments and trials, the report says.