365 Media Information Services Launches Real-Time Data Updating for Publishers

Feb 26, 2008

365 Media, Inc, a provider of database management solutions to the publishing industry and outsourced knowledge services provider to the information industry, has announced the launch of a new, real-time research service targeted at enabling business media and premium information companies to augment their current data gathering strategies. The service enables a publisher to define a target business entity group – either through the provision of an established database, or the selection of specific criteria – and then activate web-based monitoring on that subject to update, enhance or find relevant information. 365 Media ensures the right quality standard is maintained by deploying research agents at various parts of the process to check quality, accuracy and relevancy, feeding statistical analysis back into the system to enable it to improve over time. The system has already been deployed on a major project commissioned by Experian, as well as utilized by Nielsen Business Media, McGraw-Hill and Informa, amongst others.