365 Media Expands India-Based Operation

May 31, 2005

365 Media, Inc, a provider of content solutions, has announced an expansion of its data services operation based in Coimbatore, India.

In addition to its existing services offered to publishers and other content managers (creation of new databases, updating existing data, data normalization, metadata creation), 365 Media will offer what it calls "Captive Outsourcing" services that allow its clients to quickly and efficiently augment their US-based operations with Indian staff under their direct control. 365 Media will screen, test, hire, and administer both payroll and operational aspects of the Indian back office, while clients manage their teams directly.

A captive team is staffed by employees chosen by the client after extensive screening and testing by 365 Media for aptitude in English language, use of database management applications and core editorial, reasoning, and project management skills.

The client can become involved in that screening and hiring process. Teams can be increased or decreased based on changing project requirements or project seasonality and individual team members can be quickly swapped out if necessary. Content management systems used by the client's Captive team can include 365 Media's proprietary Solis system or custom-designed tools based on client specifications. Content is always kept in a secure environment and can be delivered back to the client in any required format. The client pays a single, flexible monthly price to 365 Media.

The expanded Indian operation will be headed by Matt Manning, 365 Media's Vice President of Data Services and an information industry veteran who has held senior management positions at Hoover's, Inc., Strategic Forecasting LLC, Peterson's Guides, and Oxbridge Communications. He also ran a successful consulting firm that was responsible for the launch of several major online information services. Manning has a degree in Asian Studies from Cornell University and has spoken and written extensively on innovation in database publishing.