360Hubs Develops OffsetX Social Network

Aug 29, 2008

360Hubs, a developer of turnkey Web 2.0 business collaboration software, announced that it has developed and taken an equity position in OffsetX.com, a network of social action and entertainment web sites. OffsetX allows participants to "offset" the actions and support provided by enthusiasts of opposing interests and opinions through their own actions and the creation of related OffsetX web sites. Members can participate in, contribute to, or interact with opposing enthusiasts to express opinions, take action to counteract offsetting views, or create their own Offset communities. OffsetX’s collection of web sites feature: daily news feeds; virtual immediate updates from fellow members regarding opinions; activities and Offset actions; user polls; and tallied results and postings for daily featured Offsets.

(www.OffsetX.com, www.360Hubs.com)