360-Degree App Immerses Users in Marketing Videos

Mar 15, 2011

XS2TheWorld, a mobile marketing and application building company, launched 360-Degree Video, an immersive moving video app for iPhone 4 and iPad. Working in a similar way to online 360 degree image viewers like Google StreetView, the mobile app places consumers at the center of continuously moving footage and uses the accelerometer on the iPhone 4 and iPad so that they can look around the recreated environment. The app lets users preview an experience and even interact with elements in the environment such as text, images, or links, during the video.

This app is intended as a mobile marketing tool, which allows its users to explore a space like a hotel or a ski resort firsthand, before they actually visit. Video production company Transmission TX will work with XS2TheWorld to create tailor-made mobile marketing video experiences for brands, which app users can then access. The iTunes app store currently features videos that let viewers ski in the French Alps, go motorcycle cruising, and be part of an earthquake rescue, among others.