33Across Offers Viewable Header Bidding Solution

Oct 18, 2018

33Across, the attention technology company, announced the launch of its Viewable Header Bidding adapter – one of the industry’s first header bidding solutions to surface a real-time viewability signal for every impression. This new adapter will provide a direct connection between header bidding publishers and AttentionX, 33Across’ new viewable exchange.


The 33Across Viewable Header Bidding adapter for Prebid is currently available for download for all publishers. Today, many publishers integrate directly with 33Across tag-based solutions, which already contain the company’s viewability detection technology. By bringing this capability to header bidding, 33Across hopes to drive even more scale for its viewable exchange and bring more demand to premium publishers.


According to industry estimates, header bidding penetration in the US has surpassed 70% among the top 1,000 properties. Publishers have seen the benefits of increased competition for their inventory as well as additional insights. Yet, ensuring quality impressions are properly differentiated can still be a complex exercise. Viewable Header Bidding does this automatically — and at scale — through the open exchange.