22 Chinese Authors File Copyright Infringement Suit Against Apple

Mar 19, 2012

Building off of a lawsuit by nine different authors that began developing in early January, Apple is now facing legal action from 22 Chinese writers, SlashGear reports. The writers claim that Apple has been selling unauthorized copies of their works through the App Store, according to SlashGear, and they are suing Apple for a combined 50 million Yuan ($7.94 million) over alleged copyright infringement.

According to the group, there 59 pirated titles on the iBooks bookstore. SlashGear reports that their attorney, Wang Guohua, says that the content was uploaded without the copyright holder's permission. Some titles were reportedly deleted in January, when the suit was originally filed. However, some of those files reappeared, according to the suit.

The writers' legal team alleges that works were placed back on the Apple Store by developers and that the developers were never punished for uploading copyrighted content in the first place. Apple has also been embattled in China over the last several months over the iPad trademark, SlashGear reports. Apple is facing three separate suits by different writers and groups over allegedly pirated books.