140,000 Canadian Companies Added To Bureau Van Dijk's Icarus Database

Jun 24, 2003

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvD), a business information publisher, has added Canadian companies to ICARUS, its internet-based company information database. Beginning this month, ICARUS contains profiles of 140,000 Canadian companies in addition to the database's 1.4 million public and private U.S. companies. Users can search ICARUS using a multitude of financial, industry, location, advisor, and other search criteria. Lists, charts, and reports can be viewed and downloaded to software programs. The information on ICARUS is sourced from Dun & Bradstreet and links to a D&B Infolink screen enabling access to other D&B company reports.  ICARUS is available by free trial from Bureau van Dijk.

(http://www.bvdep.com), (http://icarus.bvdep.com)