€600,000 Financing Round for Vertical Media

Nov 27, 2012

Digital publishing house Vertical Media has obtained a €600,000 from investors. The funding will be used to introduce new products and expand existing business portfolios. The Berlin publishing house produces online magazines: Gründerszene.de and VentureVillage.eu and hosting the Heureka! conference, along with networking events and seminars.

The lead investor of the financing round is PDV Inter-Media Venture GmbH. Vertical Media has also managed to bring a host of other business angels on board this funding round including Florian Heinemann (Project A), Klaas Kersting (Flaregames), Heiko Hubertz (Bigpoint), Kamyar Niroumand (GFKL AG), Jens Hilgers (Geewa), Mathias Kutzner (Team Europe) und Felix Haas (Amiando).