Xeround Offers a New Round of Data Management Solutions

Dec 16, 2008

On December 16th, Xeround announced its latest version of its patented Intelligent Data Grid (IDG) Suite, and with the announcement, a host of new enhancements designed to further capitalize on the common need for more fluid data management and greater organization. Since its inception, Xeround has worked to unify data spread out across many networks, and thus increase a business’ efficiency. Its goal is to provide database virtualization software to companies such as service providers looking to reduce costs and enable faster time-to-market of new products and services. Xeround has done so most notably with its patented Intelligent Data Grid (IDG) Suite, a database virtualization solution used by partners like IBM and T-Mobile. In other words, the IDG Suite delivers in-network data management without the need for customers to restructure the network, first.

One target market for the IDG Suite are communication service providers that seek a way to better distribute and manage subscriber information. Charlotte Yarkoni, president and CEO of Xeround explains: "Let’s say one of Xeround’s customers is a mobile wireless operator, there are certain things they want to do for their customers in order to give them a better experience. If a wireless customer wants to download something from their desktop to their cell phone, we give the service provider tools that allow them to offer those options to their customers more easily. For instance, they may have a customer that wants to be able to share cell phone minutes with family members even though they are on different plans. But in order to meet customer needs, [the service provider] is forced to go out and dig around different repositories in order to gather all that data because the data sits in a variety of different places. We are a tool that they can use to expose that data as one logical entity that is all gathered in one place."

Xeround aims to help make data management less cumbersome via the IDG Suite, which enables cloud computing infrastructures for its customers by delivering data management within a cloud and data federation between clouds. Xeround IDG allows for real-time, scalable database virtualization that unifies data across multiple networks. Yarkoni says, "We make life easier for our clients that have multiple networks that they are trying to connect and multiple business units with data spread across many networks."

Xeround IDG version 2.8 now offers more flexible data distribution and replication so that customers can choose the architecture that best fits the needs of their application requirements. Yarkoni explains: "We are a very non-distruptive implementation. We are not a replacement-type solution where people have to spend lots of time and money working us into their system. We do not require people to totally overhaul their systems; we integrate into their system. That can be so disruptive to a business, costing time and money."

Version 2.8 now also allows for data processing to continue uninterrupted, even if part of the system is down or in recovery mode. Further, it allows for processing of diverse data access sets and usage patterns including real-time, near real-time and full table-scan querying patterns and includes support for multiple applications updating the same data record.

Xeround 2.8 is currently in beta, though it is expected to make a full launch in January 2009, with several cost options. "Our model is run on blade hardware, so when our customers look at our cost, it’s not just the software cost. We are engineered for commodity hardware even though we are a software product. Our hardware cost is much cheaper; we don’t require big iron to run on. Our list price is $20,000 per core, but we often work with enterprise agreements, making our costs more flexible so we can adapt to each customers’ needs," Yarkoni adds. As Xeround continues to evolve, it is clear that adapting to each customer’s needs remains the company’s constant priority.