Three Apps You Won't Believe Exist and What Content Creators Can Learn from Them

Jan 13, 2014

Article ImageEveryone has to have a mobile strategy, right? Any company worth its salt knows that to reach its customers it has to have a mobile presence, and as a result there is, in fact, an app for almost everything. Many of those apps will barely ever get taken off of the app store shelf, but the ingenuity, creativity, and downright boldness of some app creators is nothing to be scoffed at. And no matter what content you're selling, you can stand to learn a lesson or two from some of these apps.

The Amazing Girlfriend Manager-Address User Needs

We can't hear it enough: Good content addresses the problems of your users. The folks behind the Amazing Girlfriend Manager App sure know how to spot a problem when they see it! This app helps forgetful boyfriends (or husbands) remember all the important dates and milestones that matter to their girlfriends. And what problem is more prevalent than forgetful, slightly oblivious significant others?

Of course, girlfriends and wives with busy schedules or terrible memories will likely find this app useful as well. It prompts users to fill out information about their girlfriend's birthday, important anniversaries, and so on. While the basic concept of this app is pretty funny, it is actually extremely useful to a certain kind of person. And if you can fill a need for even a small niche, you'll have a loyal audience for life.

Quit Your Job App-Be Entertaining

No one likes boring TV shows, or badly written books. And as our attention spans shorten, it becomes more and more important to grab your audience's attention by being entertaining. The people over at TheLadders seem to get this, and teamed up with the creators of Breakup Text to bring us Quit Your Job app.

"Just tell the app why you're leaving, what you're planning on doing next, and our state-of-the-art messaging system will take care of the rest," says the app's page in the app store. Of course, it doesn't actually take care of the rest because quitting your job via text message would be a terrible idea, but people will, no doubt, fork over the $.99 to download it just for a laugh.

Tricorder-Know Your Audience

Few audiences are more loyal than Star Trek fans, and providing them with a useful tool that is also a shout out to their favorite show... well, that's just good business. The list of things that Tricorder does is verging on epic, and appeals to the Star Trek geek inside all of us.

It can perform an acoustical analysis of the ambient sound in your area, measure the strength of the cellular and Wi-Fi signals, and locate the closest GPS signal (and tells you what satellites are in range). But here is where things get interesting (or nerdy, depending on your outlook): Tricorder can monitor the local gravitational and magnetic fields and track solar flares.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock.)