Percussion CM1 Version 2: Marching to a Different Beat

Sep 08, 2011

Percussion Software, a provider of web content management (WCM) solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide, released the newest installment in its family of online solutions, CM1 Version 2, on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

This pure WCM product that provides users with full WCM functionality was delivered as an upgradeable product in a cost-effective package. Percussion CM1 Version 2 features comprehensive new social engagement capabilities, including advanced blogging functionality, improved content reuse, sharing and commenting capabilities, new cloud deployment options, and ways to deploy sites faster.

"WCM has been on a journey for the last 10 or 15 years," says Joe Wykes, president of Percussion Software. "One constant remains; that it is still difficult and complex, with any solutions only furthering the problem." Wykes, who has spent more than a decade with the company, previously serving as the managing director of European Operations, is confident CM1 Version 2 will make a significant change in the market place.

While many traditional WCM products are platforms on which the customer can build their own custom WCM application, however Percussion's newest offering is different. Percussion "productizes" the WCM application itself, enabling rapid deployment of sites and web channels through widgets and gadgets. This eliminates the reliance on third-party consulting services firms to build these core features during the initial roll out, and for the ongoing deployment of new features and upgrades. According to Wykes, this not only ensures content delivery at web speed, but significantly reduces the cost for building and reconstructing websites.

With this release there is a greater emphasis on social engagement and blog functionality. "We are looking to break down the barrier between blogs and web content," says Wykes. "There will now be the same level of control and intelligence between these two channels." Rather than being required to edit content on two separate sites, all of the content can be edited from the same place. Blog postings will also appear on the company's web site, and include features such as tags and categories, as well as comments and Facebook "Likes."

Percussion's newest offering enables marketers to structure and reuse information by extending the concept of content tags and categories across all pages on the site. Enhanced RSS functionality drives better connection to subscribers and social platforms such as Facebook or Google+.

No new WCM product would be complete without cloud capability, and Percussion knows that. It has launched cloud-based evaluations of Percussion CM1 Version 2. These evaluations allow interested prospects to experience the products award-winning user experience and functionality to see for themselves how effortless WCM should be. Additionally, it is now even easier for clients to publish content to a cloud-based delivery tier, or deploy the product in the cloud.

An aspect the firm feels is vital to the success of CM1 Version 2 is an awareness of the customer's needs and understanding, as the area of WCM continues to evolve. In order to better understand those needs, Percussion made it possible for users to complete an evaluation of the system in the cloud. "We actively encourage people to try the product and evaluate it," says Wykes. "We want to make sure we can prove what we say about ensuring an easy customer experience."

Percussion's software is used by sundry businesses and organizations including customers such as, Virginia Tech University, and TiVo. According to Wykes, Percussion places a greater emphasis on support for these customers during the early days of implementation. A Premium Support package will be available for the first 90 days of use. With CM1, this was a beta function that is now standard. While support is always available, support within the first 90 days will ensure the customer has, what Wykes calls, "dedicated people who they can work with to guide them through best practices."

A demonstration of CM1 Version 2 will be conducted at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston on Sept. 14 and 15.