Optify Simplifies Social Marketing with New Tools

Nov 15, 2011

Article ImageMarketers are scrambling to catch the attention of the hundreds of millions of active members of social networks. Social media users can be fickle, though, and hitting the right note to effectively engage with them can be a challenge for businesses of any size. For internet marketers looking for a leg up in social media marketing, Optify, Inc. added new tools to their suite of solutions.

"More and more people are spending their time in social networks," says Anthony Joseph, VP of marketing and customer experience at Optify. Joseph says that members of the social audience are "open and impressionable," and are ready to discover and share information-the trick is capturing their interest before they click away.

One of the most essential elements of maintaining a conversation in the social channel is a destination page for ad campaigns. When users click a targeted ad on Facebook or a link that's been tweeted, Joseph explains, they are significantly more likely to convert if they're directed to a landing page: an intermediary page with relevant information on which they can register for an event, sign up for a free trial, or download a white paper, for example. The landing page provides a crucial opportunity for potential customers to interact with the company, but creating one usually takes time and the efforts of several different departments, says Joseph.

Optify's Landing Pages solution slashes the time and effort it takes to create and publish a landing page by eliminating the need for separate designers, developers, and engineers. Instead, marketers can copy and paste content into one of Optify's landing page templates, customize the color scheme, add graphics and a company logo, and publish the page in a matter of minutes. They can also include a form that lets users submit their contact information. Marketers can quickly share a draft with a supervisor who needs to approve it, and a WYSIWYG editor makes alterations straightforward and eliminates coding.

"Having the ability to very quickly create, publish, and share a page ... that has marketers' content, that has the ability to capture information from visitors ... is very appealing," says Joseph.

Perhaps most beneficial to marketers are the analytics reports from the landing page, which is automatically integrated with Optify's Visitor Tracking System. Marketers can view visitor intelligence from their landing pages and all other pages they have integrated with Optify, including the number of visitors, how they got there, what other pages they looked at, and the conversion rate. Using Optify, marketers can see which campaigns result in the highest conversion and which best reach the target audience.

"You can get a view of the data to make a decision--an informed decision--about how to improve and optimize your conversions with Optify," Joseph says.

After going live, landing pages can immediately be shared over social media using Optify's new Social Sharing capabilities. Not only can marketers share the link from a business's social media page, but the landing page also facilitates social sharing by interested users. The form included on the landing page is integrated with Facebook, so users can choose to sign in using their Facebook accounts and share with their friends.

"Once the page is published ... other visitors can then say ‘Wow this is great content, I'm going to share this with others,' " Joseph says. By using the social sharing options on the page, visitors can recommend the page to their networks, who can in turn share the page, and so on.

The Social Sharing tool is designed to enable viral marketing and to increase the reach of ad campaigns. It also tracks which social network drives the most traffic, so marketers can determine which channels are the most viable for each campaign. And social sharing is not only available on landing pages-marketers can integrate social sharing options with any page of the company's website.

The Landing Pages and Social Sharing tools are available at no additional cost in all Optify editions: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.