LexisNexis Adds Knight Ridder Digital's Content

LexisNexis announced an alliance with Knight Ridder Digital to integrate both services into an interactive content exchange. According to the terms of the agreement, Real Cities Network's creator Knight Ridder will syndicate its content vailable to LexisNexis users. LexisNexis agreed to power access to on-point information to 17 Knight Ridder newspapers in 28 markets.

"This is a win-win alliance for LexisNexis and Knight Ridder," says Dawn Conway, vice president of licensing and content for LexisNexis. "For LexisNexis, this deal represents another step in our company's drive to deepen our world-class regional and national newspaper content. Knight Ridder will broaden its reach by syndicating information with us, while having access to information from LexisNexis. In a nutshell, this deal represents a significant confluence of interests."

Through this new agreement, 28 full-text daily Knight Ridder national publications will now be available to LexisNexis customers, many same-day or within a day of publication, powered by Knight Ridder Digital. Bundled in the new service are Knight Ridder Digital's metropolitan papers, such as the Miami Herald, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, the Detroit Free Press, the Charlotte Observer, the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, MN, and the San Jose Mercury News.

Separately, LexisNexis and the Newspapers division of Knight Ridder also announced a new centrally-administered information services contract to enable Knight Ridder employees access to the LexisNexis suite of information solutions. That contract provides LexisNexis research databases to Knight Ridder users, including nexis.com for journalists and editors, lexis.com for Knight Ridder's legal staff, customized solutions for Knight Ridder's corporate offices, LexisNexis Political Universe for the Knight Ridder's Washington Bureau, and access to select Online Public Records and LexisNexis Company Dossier products nationally.