Is Blogging Part of Your Content Marketing Plan?

Mar 07, 2012

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Sometimes it may seem like everyone has a blog, but a new study from Percussion Software says that isn't quite true. "The Paradox of Blogging and Content Marketing," focuses on the rise of content marketing as a discipline and the use of blogging as an engagement platform, and its finding suggest that while many companies know blogging is an important marketing tool, they just aren't on board.

Only 20.5% of the over 800 mid-market technology companies surveyed currently have a corporate blog-just 73.9% of those companies blog actively and have posted content in some form within the last 30 days. Among the companies that are blogging, Wordpress seems to be the most poplar platform.

One of the determining factors as to whether or not a company was blogging seemed to be size. "Our first inclination was that team size was the key, because larger companies were more likely to be blogging," says Aaron Dun, Percussions' VP of marketing and strategy. "However when we looked at the under $20M category and micro-startups, it's clear that its part team size, but also philosophy as a whole. Perhaps, however, these new generation companies who launch their blog at the same time they launch their website will be a ‘bubble' that moves along as they grow bigger and bigger."

Software companies seem to be bucking trends. Within the technology sector, Percussion found that software companies were far more likely to blog than other sectors. Specifically, 42.8% of software companies surveyed had a blog. "Given their nature, it seems that software companies are usually on the leading edge of web advances. They are the most likely to be exposed to technologies at an early stage and have technical people who are ready to adopt and commit to the medium," Dun says. "Now, that Blogging has gone mainstream, however, it's time for the rest of the technology sector to catch up."

Dun says companies that have forgone blogging, seem to be focusing more broadly on social media. "With the recent explosion of social and mobile -- creating multiple channels of content and communication -- companies have been forced to redefine the way they interact and engage with their customers online," says Dun. "Research shows that blogs play a critical role in helping companies create compelling content for engaging constituents, and guiding them into taking action that drives measurable results for the business. The findings uncovered in our research spotlight an enormous opportunity for companies to reframe their content marketing efforts to, first and foremost, include a blog."

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