Inxight Makes Unstructured Data Manageable with SmartDiscovery 3.0

Inxight (, a provider of enterprise software applications, has released the Inxight SmartDiscovery 3.0, an unstructured data management solution for the enterprise based on the company's Inxight MetaText Server. Citing recent Gartner research that 85% of corporate data is unstructured, or in formats that are difficult to manage or reuse, such as word processing documents, Web pages, email, or presentations, Inxight believes that the timing is right for this type of product. SmartDiscovery is designed to tame unstructured data and make it more easily accessible and useful to the organization.

Inxight MetaText was previously a "learn-by-example" product, but Inxight has integrated that functionality and added features, such as taxonomy, metatext, extraction, and summarization features. The most significant change has been to the user interface; David Spenhoff, vice president of marketing for Inxight says, "we did have a light user interface—we thought of ourselves as core infrastructure rather than from a user perspective—but we found that our customers expected to get use right out of the box, which required a UI." He is quick to point out though, that SmartDiscovery is not a portal solution: "SmartDiscovery can be embedded in other applications and portal environments, but we are not a portal."

Inxight believes that the keyword search most commonly used today is ineffective and slow. They are trying to take data management past simple searches to include taxonomies, classification, metatext analysis, and interactive browsing to improve speed and accuracy. Using a star tree method, and incorporating traditional keyword searches that users are familiar with, Spenhoff, says that the new interface is, "like a card catalog, but in a very visual, interactive sense."

The interface also includes a number of shortcuts and filters to help sort information. When viewing a search in the "document list" view, a list of concept filters (by topic and subtopic) and entity filters (by city, region, country, organization, etc.) appears on the left side of the screen. Twenty-seven filters are available out-of-the-box and more may be added; all entity filters can be tailored. When viewing a specific document, frequent and important words are listed on the left. If the user clicks on a word or phrase it will be highlighted in the document to facilitate searching and put the item in context for the user. Other features of SmartDiscovery include assisted taxonomy creation and management, automatic document summarization, automatic entity extraction, related document finder, concept search, and full-text search.

SmartDiscovery currently supports Solaris 2.7 or higher and Windows 2000 operating systems and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher and Netspace 6.2 browsers. It also supports twelve languages and users can contact Inxight regarding support for others such as simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. SmartDiscovery is available immediately from Inxight for purchase or preview.