Enterprises Not Embracing Mobility Just Yet

Jan 10, 2014

Article ImageIn 2013, one could hardly turn a corner on the internet without hearing about the "BYOD" phenomenon in enterprises. Everyone is bringing their own mobile devices to work, sending IT departments into a tizzy trying to support them all. However, according to Mobile Helix, enterprises aren't embracing mobile technology as whole-heartedly as all the talk about BYOD might suggest. The company conducted an independent survey of 300 decision makers in the US and UK, and found that though "78 percent of enterprises have a mobility strategy, 86 percent are failing to utilize mobility to transform their business or open new revenue streams."

As it turns out, the complexity of a mobile access to enterprise systems is so off-putting to CIOs that "66 percent...say that they think that it's too complex, and 72 percent say it's too costly to integrate mobile innovations into legacy applications." What does this mean? Well, for starters, it's not likely that you'll be getting mobile access to SharePoint or your CRM system anytime soon. According to Mobile Helix, "Only 14 percent of businesses surveyed are currently using mobility solutions to transform business processes, drive increased revenues and develop new income streams."

The news for mobility in the enterprise was not all grim. There are some mobile capabilities that companies are integrating into their enterprise applications. According to the survey, "secure offline access is the most common, with on-device storage and development tools to push real-time updates to workers. GPS/location-based capabilities are also becoming more popular."

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock.)