Emerald Launches New Online Subject Collections


On Oct. 1, Emerald Group Publishing released 14 new subject collections, which will combine the company's ejournals and ebooks to offer comprehensive coverage of subject matter ranging from accounting and finance to healthcare management. "The subject collections have been based on customer feedback. So the idea was that we would develop the content that ... subscribers wanted," according to Arnaud Pellé, corporate communications manager for Emerald.

The full list of new subject collections offers niche content for a variety of industries and interests: accounting and finance; business ethics and law; economics; education; enterprise and innovation; healthcare/healthcare management; human resource management; international business; library and information studies; management science/management studies; marketing; organization studies; strategy; tourism and hospitality management.

The family-owned, U.K.-based Emerald Group Publishing has been a provider of scholarly journals for more than 40 years and offers more than 700 titles made up of more than 300 books, 200 journals, and hundreds of book series. Customers, though, were looking for more specific content than what some of Emerald's more broad-based collections could offer.

Emerald customers include universities around the world, institutions that teach library information management, and associations such as the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). "About 98% of MBA [Master of Business Administration] institutions subscribe to our content and the journal collection that we have because they provide research that is the support for business and management education," he says. With a wide variety of subscribers, Pellé says, "there's been an emphasis on being close to the people who are our customers."

Emerald is relying on its management research portfolio to provide the basis for the collections. The new series contain 170 scholarly ejournals and about 80 ebooks written by experts worldwide. Originally, Emerald's subject collections only offered the journals and were broken down according to subject discipline. "In order to make these collections more comprehensive, we've put the journals and the ebook series together so that it gives a deeper and more comprehensive coverage of those disciplines," says Pellé. "It's also a sort of natural evolution with the integration of books and business, as well. It makes it easier for researchers to have access to both the journals and book series on one screen."

This recent launch is not the last of Emerald's innovations though; the company currently has a development team working in countries with emerging economies such as China and India. According to Pellé, "They are finding new trends in research and publishing new areas of research; they are filling the gaps in our portfolio."

"We're launching the first journal in Africa about African management research and studies next year," he says. As a result of the research being conducted by the team, Emerald plans to launch new journals regularly every year for the foreseeable future. There are about 13 new journals lined up for launch next year. New ebook series volumes are also in the works. As Pellé says, "The publishing department is very active."

Digitalization is also a priority for Emerald. "We launched last year the Backfiles, which was the digitalization of articles published before 1994, so these back files contained more than 60,000 articles from journals that date from 1899, which is when the oldest British journals started to be published," says Pellé.

This is all part of Emerald's larger efforts to improve its offerings. Pellé believes that in these times of economic crisis it is imperative to improve the relationships between the vendor and the customers. "It's important to stress that it's not about how many new books we can publish in 1 year but that they are in the areas that really matter to research."