Autonomy Announces WorkSite IDOL Integration

Apr 03, 2009

It would have been hard to avoid news of Autonomy’s acquisition of Interwoven last month. In some cases of acquisition or merger, things go dark for a long time, leaving consumers to wonder what is happening with affected products. Not so Autonomy. On Thursday, April 2, though, the company announced that the company’s flagship document management solution for the legal market, iManage WorkSite (previously known as Interwoven WorkSite), is now powered by Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL). This represents the third major product integration since the acquisition, with IDOL already having been teamed up with Interwoven TeamSite and iManage Universal Search.

Neil Araujo, VP of marketing for Autonomy iManage (the company’s document and content management arm) says, "For most of our customers document management is not an option, it’s a necessity." Araujo stresses the importance of  delivering clients fast results, and that this newest update will increase the speed of search by at least 10 times. For those existing customers with maintenance contracts the upgrade to IDOL will be free—just a download and installation away.  

The way Autonomy sees it, one of the biggest benefits of the IDOL upgrade for WorkSite is the new found compatibility its clients should experience. The company points out that Autonomy iManage’s 1,400 law firm clients will benefit from the same enterprise search solution in use by more than 20,000 corporate customers. Now, if a law firm and a client are all using Autonomy’s products, lawyers would be able to log into the client’s system for e-discovery purposes – what Autonomy calls "discovery in place."

WorkSite customers can now leverage IDOL’s conceptual search and automatic classification capabilities with support of more than 1,000 file types and over 100 languages. For example, a customer using their email may click on a message and then see a light bulb pop up, suggesting that that particular email be filed in a specific folder in the document management system. All the user has to do is click on the light bulb and it’s done. Araujo says this function addresses what he sees as one of document management’s biggest issues, "Just getting people to put the document in the system."

Autonomy is more than just a little optimistic about this latest IDOL addition. Araujo says, "We feel the benefits are significant enough to see a huge uptick in our customer base over the next few months." With a few users already having been using the IDOL server in production pilots, Araujo says one of the "fascinating things…was that we’ve been able to integrate IDOL in a short amount of time." This success, Araujo boasts, is due to the "maturity" of IDOL.  "You always learn things along the way…" he adds. "Slotting it behind WorkSite, has been relatively painless. But my background is in engineering and I like when something just works."

Autonomy has been moving along rather quickly with its product integrations, but Araujo says this is only the beginning. There are a number of new add-on Autonomy iManage modules in the works: audio, video and phone call search, legal hold and expert profiling will be released over the coming months and available for an additional cost. "There’s a lot more leverage we can find…" he says, which is part of what he describes as a two-pronged approach to the full integration of Autonomy and Interwoven products. Autonomy hopes to fix problems and bring new function to the table, Araujo says.