eReader: Managing Content in the Cloud

Jun 14, 2011

June 2011 Issue

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Managing Content in the Cloud
Tom Jenkins
OpenText Corp.
Hardcover, Ebook

There's little doubt that content is being generated at lightning speed. Newspapers alone produce in the neighborhood of 100 terabytes of content in just 1 year. But while it's apparent that content is exploding in the public arena, it's exploding even more so in the private sector. Google and Yahoo!'s some 5 billion webpages each pale in comparison with companies that generate that amount of content each day through email and all other types of content. This is not just the output of desktop computers but smartphones, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, and iPads. This even includes content created automatically from server to server.

It was this astronomical content growth coupled with the wave of new delivery methods and tools in Web 2.0 that led to the development of Managing Content in the Cloud. Author Tom Jenkins wanted to help companies gain insight into the growth of the internet-or the cloud-and how to manage the people, processes, and content that make up the cloud.