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May 05, 2010

May 2010 Issue

Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web
Brian Solis

Social media has democratized influence, forever changing the way businesses communicate with customers and the way customers affect the decisions of their peers. With platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, anyone can now find and connect with others who share similar interests, challenges, and beliefs-creating communities that shape and steer the perception of brands. Without engagement in these communities, we miss major opportunities to shape our marketing messages.

However, use of the tools does not guarantee that people will listen. Engagement is shaped by the interpretation of its intentions. In order for social media to mutually benefit you and your customers, you must engage them in meaningful and advantageous onversations, empowering them as true participants in your marketing and service efforts.

With Engage as your guide, you can effectively compete in this new era of digital Darwinism while engendering the support of online champions. Social and participatory media significantly contribute to the success of every modern business. And with this book, you will find out how to create a space in the online ecosystem that truly represents your business and cultivates your customers' loyalty and trust; participate in the unique culture of each available social media platform to engage your customers; establish an organizational structure that constantly targets the next new media trend; attract online champions and change agents who will uncover the social networks you need to reach and the influencers who will help build your reputation in the networked world; and consistently adapt your company to market needs and trends based on the invaluable connections you forge and the empathy and insight you garner in the process.

Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online
Chris Brogan

In Social Media 101, social media expert and blogger Chris Brogan presents the best practices for growing the value of your social media and social networking marketing efforts. Brogan has spent 2 years researching what the best businesses are doing with social media and how they're using it. Now, he presents his findings in a single, comprehensive business guide to social media.
You'll learn how to cultivate profitable online relationships, develop your brand, and drive meaningful business. Brogan shows you how to build an effective blog or website for your business, monitor your online reputation and what people are saying about your business online, and create new content to share with your customers. This book presents specific strategies, tactics, and tips to improve your business through improved social media and online marketing. It looks at social media and the wider online universe from a strictly business perspective.

If you aren't using the internet and social media to market your business and stay in touch with your customers, you're already falling behind. Social Media 101 gives you 100 effective, proven strategies you need to succeed.

Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency, and Participation in Practice
Daniel Lathrop, Laurel Ruma
O'Reilly Media
Print, Ebook
$44.99, $35.99

In a world where web services can make real-time data accessible to anyone, how can the government leverage this openness to improve its operations and increase citizen participation and awareness? Through a collection of essays and case studies, leading visionaries and practitioners both inside and outside of government share their ideas on how to achieve and direct this emerging world of online collaboration, transparency, and participation.

Contributions and topics include: Beth Simone Noveck, U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer for open government, "The Single Point of Failure"; Jerry Brito, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, "All Your Data Are Belong to Us: Liberating Government Data"; Aaron Swartz, co-founder of,, and, "When Is Transparency Useful?" and more.

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