View from the Top: SDL

Dec 02, 2013

Mark LancasterView from the Top by Mark Lancaster, CEO

Today’s customers expect more from businesses than ever before.
In the digital world, consumers are always on and always connected, able to access information and share their experiences and opinions in real time, and can significantly influence brand opinion in an instant.

To be successful in this customer-driven era, organizations– whatever they are selling –need to be able to consistently deliver compelling and engaging experiences that are consistent across both devices and channels. To get it right for every customer, every time, companies should strive to look like A Company of 1.

This means managing the customer experience in its entirety. It is no longer enough to just focus on the purchase decision. You must understand and track the customer’s progression from research, to purchase, through to the post-purchase relationship; and you must then be able to use this insight to deliver a personalized, contextually-relevant experience to each individual, at every stage of the customer journey.

At SDL, we are focused on helping businesses enhance the experiences they deliver to their customers. By bringing together our expertise across content management; automated translation; campaign management and analytics and social intelligence, we offer brands a unified Global Customer Experience Management solution that works across business functions and disciplines.

Our approach to Global Customer Experience Management is based on three key pillars – developing the insights, driving the orchestration, and delivering contextual experiences. Using these pillars, organizations can develop solutions that speed the execution of a global customer experience strategy that increases customer engagements, promotes advocacy and drives growth.

Capabilities include:

  • Web content management
  • Campaign management
  • Social intelligence
  • Media management
  • Multichannel delivery
  • Automated translation
  • Translation management

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