View from the Top: RSuite CMS

Dec 02, 2013

Barry Bealer,View from the Top by Barry Bealer, President, CEO & Co-founder

While most of the publishing industry has been focused on the rapid changes from print to digital business models, many have missed the quiet evolution of content management systems that have helped transform the publishing ecosystem. Without this evolution, publishers today would not be able to satisfy their multi-channel publishing goals.  The shift from very profitable print revenue to the lower margin digital products has been a driving force to automate the production workflow as much as possible and content management systems (CMS) have needed to adapt and scale to manage many types of content.

It is no longer acceptable to have a publishing system that only serves one type of publication.  Multiple products (e.g., books, journals, magazines) need to be managed in the same system rather than disparate systems.  XML, images, audio files, video, and other types of content need to be in one system rather than spread across internal PC’s, at a compositor, or locked away on a CD in someone’s file cabinet.  This merging of CMS and Digital Asset Management (DAMS) is providing publishers with the opportunity to reuse content like never before.  Finally a publisher can realize the vision of create once and publish many times.

We are proud to say that our RSuite content management system has been at the forefront of the CMS evolution and has helped many publishers transform their publishing environment over the past seven years.  Helping publishers “step into content management” has been our theme with RSuite.  Taking the incremental approach to content management is not only good business, but also a best practice that we promote with all of our publishing clients.

Content management technology will continue to evolve and RSuite will be ready for the next wave of publishing innovation. 

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