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Dec 02, 2013

Anthony OlivierView from the Top by Anthony Olivier, CEO

Information is power. And today there are more channels than ever for empowering customers and employees with the information and insights they need—whether on the Web, mobile devices, e-books, PDF files or good old fashioned paper.

For instance, a user may access documentation from a desktop or scan a QR code on a reference card to view that content on a mo-bile phone. And in this global economy, users may require this in different languages. So information has to be consistent and accessi-ble, regardless of the medium used to access it or language in which it appears.

These trends are accelerating the demand for topic-based, single-source authoring and publishing where the same content can be delivered in different formats. They also are driving demand for integrated software that facilitates translation. 

Users expect to access information in a modern and familiar format that fosters social collaboration among users and also re-turns accurate and relevant information. This means providing content in the HTML5 format to maximize search engine optimization, the ability to provide Google-like search experiences, and fully integrated social media functionality for commenting and collaborating on content.

At MadCap Software, we are maximizing return on investment for thousands of companies worldwide with our integrated technical communications suite of products, featuring:

  • Integrated applications for topic-based authoring and single-source publishing of content, including translation into multiple languages.
  • Multichannel publishing of content to any output, such as mobile, print, desktop or Web formats, including HTML5.
  • Integrated search and social collaboration capabilities for an advanced user experience.

These businesses are successfully using our software to get timely, relevant information into the hands of customers, partners and employees in their format and language of choice—transforming data into knowledge.

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