Gavin Finn, President and CEO of Kaon Interactive: Why It Is Imperative That B2B Marketers Deliver Compelling Experiences

Dec 01, 2015

Kaon CEO

View from the Top by Gavin Finn, President & CEO

Competing successfully in complex global B2B markets requires that each company have clearly articulated value propositions, highly differentiated solutions, and sales/marketing people who understand their customers' challenges and can communicate the value their company provides to address these challenges.

As digital technologies have evolved, buyers have changed the paradigm of how they interact with sales and marketing teams. Because of these changes in complexity and buying behavior, it is imperative that B2B marketers deliver compelling experiences that allow customers to actively participate in the process of understanding each product or solution, and these experiences must be available at every customer touch point, online and in person.

Kaon Interactive has innovated the world's only interactive sales and marketing platform that concisely communicates value and competitive differentiation at every stage of the buyers' journey, by delivering an engaging experience that's tailor-made for each constituent in the buying process. Our 3D interactive marketing applications help clients engage prospects earlier, train sales/channel teams faster, shorten sales cycles, eliminate product shipping costs and increase win rates.

Kaon's sales and marketing applications utilize virtual 3D product demonstrations to clearly articulate differentiated value propositions without having to transport complex physical products that are expensive to ship and support. The interactive applications are flexible and extensible to allow for the evolution of the company's products, solutions, and messaging strategies and truly enable ‘now moments'; resulting in faster understanding of B2B business benefits though the buyers' journey. This hands-on engagement results in more personalized experiences and higher knowledge retention rates, generating better-informed customers who are more likely to buy.

Our team of experts in user experience design, technology, and marketing have created strategic solutions for the world's preeminent companies, including GE, IBM, Cisco, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abbott, BD, Siemens, and many other global industry leaders.

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