Tracey Armstrong, President and CEO of Copyright Clearance Center: The Power of Content and Protecting the Interests of Everyone

Dec 01, 2015

Tracey Armstrong, CCC

View from the Top by Tracey Armstrong President & CEO

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is proud to have been named to the EContent 100 list for the 8th consecutive year.

The ways we consume and create content are always changing, yet our thirst for knowledge, our hunger for freedom of expression and our love for the written word, movies, music, and art remain constant. While innovations in technology and media wow us with better, faster, smaller, it's the power of content that ultimately matters.

At CCC, our mission is to make it easy for people around the world to get, use and share content while protecting the interests of creators, publishers and other copyright holders. Our RightFindTM content workflow solution suite provides employees with fast, easy access to the full range of high-value copyrighted information they want - anytime, anywhere. Integrated content spend analytics helps information managers make data-driven decisions related to subscriptions, licensing and more. No other content workflow solution today delivers the powerful combination of content, rights and information management expertise.

Our vision is to make copyright work for everyone. Whether you're a researcher looking to mine full-text XML content for your text and data mining project, or a rightsholder trying to expand market opportunities for your content, you can depend on CCC and our international subsidiary, RightsDirect. In fact, more than 35,000 companies and 12,000 publishers already do. Click here for more information.  


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