Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys: Smart Content Delivered Through Smart Platforms

Dec 02, 2014

Sameer Shariff

View from the Top by Sameer Shariff

Reading and learning go hand-in-hand; the two sides of the coin. But when it comes to technology solutions, there are Content Management Solutions and there are Learning Management Solutions. With mobile technology driving content consumption and learning behavior, publishers and educators have exciting and challenging times ahead. Anywhere-anytime-access to content and learning material is a given. What differentiates the leaders from the rest is their ability to consistently offer engaging and easy-to-access learning content. The line between eBooks and eLearning is blurring; students want integrated content to adapt to their needs and their pace of learning.  eBooks need to be smarter, offer built-in exercises, assessments and ancillaries.  eLearning courses need to include all reading material and ancillaries. Looking at these evolving learning needs, it is evident that the future belongs to smart content creators who deliver books, ancillaries, assessments and all interactive learning modules packaged cohesively as a single integrated learning resource that adapts to each individual learner. The solutions and platforms should be adaptive enough to deliver this smart content. Impelsys has invested heavily over the years to build advanced content delivery solutions to meet these very needs of students and publishers.

This innovation is benefiting content development just like it benefited technology. Content is becoming software. Content is turning adaptive. We, at Impelsys, pride ourselves in offering cutting-edge solutions for content delivery and eLearning. Our solutions are converging to offer a unified reading and learning experience, utilizing the advantages of our SaaS platform iPublishCentral while retaining the flexibility of our scalable solution KnowledgePlatform. Simple books come alive with interactive components like quizzes, media-gallery, videos, animations and simulations.

Smart Content. Delivered through smart Impelsys platforms. Two sides of the coin. Bridges that separated content and technology have been burnt and we are proud to hold the torch.


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