Piero Tintori, CEO and Founder of TERMINAL FOUR: Digital Marketing and Web Content Management for Higher Education

Dec 01, 2015


View from the Top by Piero Tintori, CEO and Founder

TERMINALFOUR is a digital marketing & web content management platform for higher education. We enable Universities & Colleges to drive student recruitment, retention, alumni fundraising & research promotion by maximizing the effectiveness of their digital & content strategies.

Higher education is undergoing unprecedented change; once a recession proof sector it now has the same business challenges as other commercially focused sectors. They need to recruit students as empty seats cost money. They need to retain students as students that transfer to another institution represents lost tuition and future alumni donations. Institutions need to establish themselves as a ‘mecca' for leading research to secure the best researchers, the best research initiatives and commercial investment. Institutions need to nurture relationships with their alumni base to secure donations and advocacy.

Faced with the new competitive realities institutions have to reimagine their online presence and take a new results driven approach to digital success.

TERMINALFOUR addresses the ‘Manage', ‘Measure', ‘Engage' and ‘Transact' components of higher education's digital journey.

  • Manage: Making sure their websites are working effectively. Ensuring they can easily update content, in any language, publish to multiple channels and create new sites and microsites.
  • Measure: Make sure that they can track performance (websites, pages, campaigns, KPIs etc.) through dashboards and analytics giving visibility on where they can improve.
  • Engage: Helping universities & colleges to connect with millennial generation and fulfil their student recruitment & retention targets through website personalisation (Geo, Behavioral etc.), social media integration and more.
  • Transact: Facilitating conversion online in terms of fundraising donations, subscriptions through eForms

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